Friday, March 4, 2022 Episode 217: Emme Lund 'The Boy With A Bird In His Chest'

Transgender author Emme Lund joins us to talk about her new book 'The Boy With A Bird In His Chest', a novel which follows Owen Tanner who literally h...

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 Episode 216: 'War In Ukraine' Maxim Potapovich

Ukrainian LGBTQ activist Maxim Potapovich joins us to give an LGBTQ perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Maxim is based in the suburbs of K...

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 Episode 215: Alex Gede

Gay underwear model Alex Gede joins us to talk about going from believing he had turned himself straight to embracing his true self. Alex moved to the...

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 Episode 214: Michael Adams 'LGBTQ Elders Series - SAGE'

In the first of our 'LGBTQ Elders Series' we talk to the CEO of LGBTQ elder organisation SAGE, Michael Adams about the organisation which was founded ...

Monday, February 14, 2022 Episode 213: Ibtisam Ahmed 'LGBT History Month - Politics in Art'

To mark LGBTQ History Month in the U.K. we are joined by Head of Policy and Research at the LGBT Foundation Ibtisam Ahmed to discuss this years theme ...

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 Episode 212: Rachel Krantz 'Liberation & Non-Monogamy'

Rachel Krantz joins Sam to talk about her new deeply personal and honest memoir ‘Open: An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation and Non-Monogamy’. A f...

Sunday, February 6, 2022 Episode 211: Jenn T Grace 'Publish Your Purpose'

Award winning author and speaker Jenn T Grace joins us to talk about her life experience including founding 'Publish Your Purpose' which is a hybrid p...

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 Episode 210: Kieron Moore 'Secrets Of A Wallaby Boy'

Filmmaker Kieron Moore talks about his latest project ‘Secrets Of A Wallaby Boy’ which is due to be filmed in Manchester in Spring 2022. The film from...

Sunday, January 23, 2022 Episode 209: Brian McComak 'Hummingbird Humanity'

Brian McComak is founder and CEO of Hummingbird Humanity which focuses on helping organisations create ‘human-centred workplace cultures’ through embr...

Thursday, January 20, 2022 Episode 208: Matt Bishop 'LGBTQ & Formula 1'

Matt Bishop is an established journalist with 20 years in motorsport, he has worked and edited a number of racing publications including GP Racing and...

Sunday, January 16, 2022 Episode 207: OutLoud 'The All-Queer Boyband'

‘OutLoud’ are the boyband we all needed growing up and they join Sam to discuss their new aptly named EP ‘*NTWINK’. The band, based in Manhattan, New ...

Thursday, January 13, 2022 Episode 206: Marcus James 'Conversion Therapy Survivor'

Tacoma, Washington based author Marcus James joins us to talk about his writing and being a survivor of so called ‘conversion therapy’. Marcus explain...

About The Show

What are we all about?

Being LGBTQ features interviews with people from across the community. Striving to give a platform to those who feel underrepresented, within it we discuss the latest issues impacting the community, amplify the voices of LGBTQ people, sign post you to the latest LGBTQ music artists and much more. Hosted by LGBTQ advocate Sam Wise, Being LGBTQ is informative, friendly and accessible to all.

Our Story

Being LGBTQ launched on February 1st 2019 hoping to deliver a podcast full of diversity, tackling hard hitting issues while also offering a spark of fun and entertainment. The World can be a dark place and with the current political climate it's important not to forget the challenges LGBTQ people face but to also not forget the joy that still exists in the world.

Within the first week the Twitter page for Being LGBTQ had already exceeded 1,000 followers and the LGBTQ community were on board with the goals of the podcast. We've tackled issues including mental health, living as a non-binary person, bisexuality, being Muslim in the LGBTQ community, STI stigma, growing up transgender and much more, cementing our commitment to diversity.

In April 2019 after just 2 months of being produced the podcast was nominated for 'Best Inclusive Media Outlet' at the North East LGBT Awards. Though the podcast did not win, it was a massive honour and a huge achievement after such a short time.

Fast-forward a year to Mid-2021 and Being LGBTQ now reaches thousands of people per week, has a combined reach of over 18,000 followers across social media and had produced over 140 episodes.

In August 2021 podcast hosting platform Podomatic announced Being LGBTQ as the winner of its Amazon Music competition, as a result the podcast was featured in Amazon's 'get inspired' category alongside Oprah Winfrey marking a major milestone in the podcasts history. In October 2021 as part of the same feature Being LGBTQ was featured on a billboard in Times Square, NYC for a week long period. 

Meet Sam

Sam Wise at the 2022 Gayming Awards in London

The podcast is produced and presented by Sam Wise (he/him) who is a gay Journalist and LGBTQ advocate from Sunderland in the United Kingdom. Sam has a background in journalism and graduated from the University of Sunderland with a bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2013.

During his time at University Sam presented a radio show on Spark Sunderland 'Being LGBT' so the podcast is in a way a relaunch of that project, which won 'Best Speech Programme' at the Universities end of year awards. 

Since then Sam has worked as a Social Media Consultant and does part time media work for a Care Home operator, including producing their monthly newsletter. He graduated Birmingham City University with a masters in Social Media in 2018. In January 2019 he started his latest advocacy work, setting up an LGBTQ supporters association at his local football club, which ran for one year and was the first of it's kind at Sunderland AFC. Sam moved on due to professional differences with the club and a toxic fan base he felt was not ready for change.

In 2020 Sam decided to focus his LGBTQ advocacy and activism to the Being LGBTQ podcast, garnering a strong listener base and having the privilege of interviewing personalities from across the LGBTQ spectrum.

Sam is an avid Star Wars fan, he supports his Dads childhood football club Wolverhampton Wanderers and has a strong passion for human rights. Always outspoken his opinionated nature can get him in hot water but his intentions are always out of a sense of standing up for the persecuted.

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