On the 10th episode of Being LGBTQ we are joined by Author and Huff Post blogger Suzanne DeWitt Hall who has wrote a series of LGBTQ inclusive picture books 'Rumplepimple' about a naughty terrier with two Mom's. We chat about the book and talk about recent protests over LGBTQ inclusive education in the UK. Our LGBTQ music artist of the week is Sev7en Taylor, who joins us to talk about staying authentic in the music industry. Gage Oxley from Oxygen Films joins us to talk about LGBTQ film 'Wretched Things' which covers topics including mental health, body image and HIV stigma.

Also - Sam talks about anti-LGBTQ laws which have come into force this week in Brunei, and chats about some recent film release he's been to see including 'Dumbo' and 'Us' directed by Jordan Peele.

Resources related to this episode:

Sev7en Taylor on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spaceships-single/1455868857

Suzanne DeWitt website - https://www.wheretrueloveis.com/

Oxygen Films - https://www.oxygenfilms.co.uk/

Brunei petition - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/251142