This week we debate Pride festivals, how they’ve changed and if they’re overly sexualised with LGBTQ writer Ben Thompson, as the debate over what Pride means in the modern era continues. Also – we start our road to the 2020 US Presidential election coverage, we’re joined by Emma Ramos from Eudaimonia to discuss all the latest news, including who has decided to run for the Democratic nomination, including Mayor Pete Buttigieg the openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Later on we are joined by the Gay Agony Uncle, our life and relationships guru and very own Mary Poppins to discuss body image and how we can be happier within ourselves.

And Sam gives an update on protests against LGBTQ inclusive education outside a Birmingham (England) school and reveals the results of a poll which asked if Extra-terrestrials visited Earth and gave you the chance to relocate to a different planet, would you go?