This week, host Sam Wise addresses the continued protests over LGBTQ inclusive education in the U.K. and taking the decision to cancel a planned counter protest and the harassment faced by LGBTQ advocates online. Our LGBTQ music artist of the week is Cameron Hawthorn, who has released a music video 'Dancing in the Living Room' with an LGBTQ theme. We also speak with Pastor Bailey Brawner from the United Methodist Church about asexuality and how the church still has a long way to go in terms of equality. And Bryan Kvitek joins us to discuss his coming out journey and the challenges he faced growing up in a religious community.

Plus: Sam talks about some worrying develops in Brunei for the LGBTQ community there, an award that Being LGBTQ has been nominated for and how Democratic 2020 Presidential hopeful, and openly gay Mayor, Pete Buttigieg has been making waves again continuing to call out Vice President Mike Pence's terrible record of LGBTQ rights.