Brandyn Killz - LGBTQ music artist who describes his music as 'dance music for the new romantics'. Brandyn sees music as a multitude of different things from an escape, to joy, therapy, passion and purpose.

Brandyn chats to Sam about his music, growing up, election 2020 and the BLM movement.

David Ledain - British author talks about his latest book 'Having Gay Sex: A Guide To Male Homosexual Sex'. Part of the books synopsis explains an often asked question by some gay and bi men - "how do I have sex with a man?", the book explores the mystery around these questions in the hope of allowing more men to live as their true selves.

David's previous books include 'This Forbidden Fruit: Male Homosexuality: A Culture & History Guide' and 'Gay Dad: Ten True Stories of Divorced Gay Men With Kids, Living in the U.K. Today'. David also contributed to the 'Rainbow Dads' podcast.